Our Capabilities

Who we are:

Midway Machine and Instrument, Inc. was founded in 1980. We have been providing the highest quality in precision machined products to the Aerospace, Military and Commercial Sectors for over 30 years. The combination of equipment, personnel and over 50 years of preparation and experience, places Midway Machine and Instrument, Inc. in a position to make a significant contribution to your machining projects.

Our state-of-the-art facility enables us to supply our customers with the best quality, price and delivery using the latest in CNC equipment. We pride ourselves on our operations management system which is compliant with the AS9100 Aerospace Standard. Within its framework, the business, manufacturing, and quality processes are designed to maximize production efficiency while maintaining the highest quality standards. We bring to you the most modern technology available today in our industry, and provide optimized and innovative manufacturing solutions to serve you faster and more cost effectively.

Machining Capabilities

Precision machining of a variety of metal types including all aluminums, stainless steels, steels, and other material types/alloys to support oil and gas and aerospace products.

Turning: Length: 60″
Tolerance: +/- .0001
Machinery Axis: 2 & 4
CNC Milling: Milling length: 66″
Width: 24″
Height 8″
Machinery Axis: 4&5
Parts Inspection:
➣ First article
➣ Up to 100% per request

CAD/CAM Software:
➣ Gibbs Cam
➣ We can work with most any file format

CNC Turning:
     ➣ (9) CNC Lathes

Manual Turning:
     ➣ (3) manual lathes with 13-21” swings

EDM: ➣ (2) Mitsubishi wire EDM machines
Material thickness: 12″
Tolerance: +/- .002

Gun Drilling:
     ➣ Unisig Gundrill – 4.093 ID up to 10ft in length

Manual Milling:
     ➣ (4) Bridgeport Vertical Mills with digital readout

Materials we machine

We have the experience and machining equipment to work with most any material, including:

Stainless Steel • 303 • 304 • 316 • 416 • 420 • 17-4 PH
Steel • Alloy Steel • Tool Steel • Hot Rolled • Cold Formed • Drill Rod
Aluminum • 2000 Series • 6000 Series • 7000 Series




Exotics • Monel • Inconel • Hastelloy • Alloy 20 • F255 • Duplex • Super Duplex • Zeron 100


Tubing & Pipe • HREW • DOM • Seamless •All Grades

Inspection Tools & Equipment

As part of our commitment to cutting costs, increasing quality, and improving efficiencies, we’ve invested heavily in state of the art inspection tools and measurement tools. Our in-house CMM (coordinate measuring machine), means we don’t have to ship your parts to a 3rd party parts inspection service or dimensional lab. 


This means both cost savings, and time savings for you and gives us complete control over the quality process. With our CMM we can measure your machined parts both in-process and during final inspection to ensure that you receive precision machined parts that meet the tightest tolerance requirements. In addition to our in-house CMM – coordinate measuring machine, we also utilize the following equipment: 

  • Digital Height Gauges
  • Precision Gage Calibration Systems – MIC TRAC
  • Gagemaker – Thread inspection
What sets us apart from our competition?
  • Our history of providing high quality machine parts to the aerospace and commercial industries
  • State of the art equipment
  • Our performance based processes
  • Our proximity to JSC/NASA facilities in Houston

Our Major Clients

  • NASA/JSC Houston-Shuttle Support
  • Lockheed Houston-Shuttle Support
  • Dycorp/JSC-T38, B57 Aircraft parts
  • Grumman Houston-JSC Support Parts
  • Dresser Rand/Siemens-Oil and Gas
  • Best Pump-Oil and Gas
  • Terravici-Oil and Gas
  • Pacific Scientific/OECO/Meggitt-Oil and Gas
  • Ducommun/LaBarge-Oil and Gas
  • Schlumberger-Oil and Gas
  • Baker Hughes-Oil and Gas
Our Certifications
  • Mil-I-45208 compliant
  • ISO 9001-2015 certified
  • AS 9100D certified