Wire EDM

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Also called Small Hole EDM, micro hole popping, fast hole EDM drilling, and start hole EDM drilling. We can drill small holes in any electrically conductive material.

Wire EDM Service

Wire EDM company

EDM , or Electric Discharge Machining uses precisely applied sparks to produce finished parts that are extremely accurate, and have a fine finish. The harder the material, or more intricate the part, means an increased likelihood that wire EDM is the best process to machine your parts. When you work with Midway Machine, you’ve got a partner with the experience and capabilities to provide you with the best outcome for your machined parts needs. We provide wire EDM services in Houston, as well as companies across the globe, in need of top quality machining services.

How does it work?

First, the part is submerged in dielectric fluid, and a thin strand of electrically charged wire begins the cutting process using very precise sparking. Submerging the part in dielectric fluid allows us to cut your parts with virtually no heat stress. EDM also allows us to cut your parts with very low residual stress. Ideal applications are delicate parts with thin walls, complex geometries, or parts with different geometries from the top to the bottom. Most importantly:


Wire EDM machining - Benefits

Benefits of using wire EDM for machining? Predictability, repeatability and a high degree of accuracy. By using EDM machining, we’re also able to cut hardened metals and alloys, while providing a superior finish. No additional finishing needed. EDM is most commonly called on for lower volume applications that demand the tightest tolerances. Industries who rely on our wire EDM services commonly include aerospace, medical device, oil and gas, manufacturing, as well as those needing complex prototypes.

Houston's leading provider of EDM services - Midway Machine

We offer quality machining services for companies across a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, oil and gas, medical device, construction and more. As an ISO 9001 and AS9100 Certified provider of wire EDM services, Midway Machine has been providing wire EDM services for Houston area businesses, and a growing number of companies needing wire EDM services across the U.S. and overseas.

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EDM is short for Electric Discharge Machining. Wire EDM, also known as spark machining, uses a thin wire and dielectric fluid to cut hard metals. We’re talking metals that CNC machines can’t cut. We’re also talking complexities and tolerances that traditional CNC machines can’t do.

Advantages of Wire EDM

  • Tight Tolerances (+/- .0001)
  • Can Cut Intricate Parts
  • Create Identical Parts
  • No Burrs
  • No Polishing Needed
  • No Metal Distortions
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Ideal for Prototypes

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